24 great stocking stuffers for under $20!


Every Christmas I always spend a lot of time making sure that the kids have some great Knick knacks in their stockings. I LOVE stocking stuffing! Side note: my stocking stuffing love came from seeing how my momma in law stuffed stockings year after year! I swear no one can stuff a stocking like her, I am not kidding. She should make a stocking stuffing guide for Christmas. For this post I spent a few days picking what I believe to be the best stocking stuffers for Christmas and wanted to share for Blogmas! This list includes stuffers for the whole family. However, I did add more for kids well, because I have 3 of them!

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Pop sockets for phone– The first time I saw these was when my brother was over at my mom’s house s couple years ago and had one attached to the back of his phone. I laughed because it looked so silly, now that my sister has them and I must point out, they have gotten so much cuter AND CHEAPER! The point of these is to hold onto your phone with less chance of it falling, also to pop it up so you can watch it with ease! 

Selfie light ring– If you have any selfie artists out there this is a must! Perfect lighting anywhere you are. Take your best picture always! 

Himalayan salt night light– I have a large Himalayan salt light in my bedroom and I have to say from experience that the nice pink color itself is calming. I use it every night in my room and I adore it. Some benefits that the Himalayan salt lamp are said to have are: Improvement of air quality. They are said to be great for those with asthma and allergies. They are said to be mood boosters and can help you to sleep. They are so pretty to look at, and create a nice ambiance in the room when lit. When I saw that it comes as a night light option, I was so happy, and I had to share with ya’ll. 

Socks- Fuzzy comfy socks are a must! Who doesn’t want soft, fluffiness on their feet in the cold weather?! Socks for kids, husband and yourself if you like!

LOL little sisters’ dolls– My daughter who is 5 turning 6 has been obsessed with LOLs since she saw them on YouTube. These are the perfect stocking stuffer, they are small and will fit easily into any stocking. My daughter plays for hours with her LOLs and can’t get enough. LOLs come in different outfits and each have their own unique names. Even I get excited to see which one will be unveiled when my daughter opens hers! 

Tea infuser– I am an avid tea drinker, I absolutely adore tea. I drink tea to calm me down, I drink tea for better sleep, I drink tea for energy! There is absolutely any reason to drink tea! I drink tea every morning and every night. This is a must have for tea drinkers, especially if you drink loose leave tea. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be so cute! 

Worry dolls– My son is very sensitive. My daughter can be, but my son is more of an emotional person like me. One day while walking in Downtown St Augustine, FL I saw in one of their boutiques something that caught my eye. It was called a Worry Doll. I picked it up and read what it said. If you whisper your worries to the doll before bed, the doll will make your worries disappear. I purchased two of them for my 8-year-old and one for my 5-year-old. I promise you that my son immediately took the mini doll and whispered to it, then he tucked it under his pillow and fell straight to sleep.

Books– Mini cardboard books are great because if you have toddlers, they love to “read”! I always make sure to add mini books to my kid’s stockings every year. 

Tooth brush– My main go to is to get toothbrushes for my kids every year for their stockings! Brushing teeth is very important and I make sure my kids know this! 

Kinetic sand– My kids love to play with play doh. I am against play doh for gifts because the play doh will end up stuck in placed it shouldn’t be! Kinetic sand came along and its awesome! And very easy to clean up. Vacuum and its up if its in the carpet. It is also easy to wipe off of counter tops or kitchen tables. Try it out, the kids will LOVE this! 

Nail polish– For little girls, colors and paint are important! Gifting nail polish sets in their stockings is sure to bring a smile to their faces!

Shopkins–  Just like the LOL’s, Shopkins are a hit for little girls! They are mini grocery items, that have names. My daughter loves them and I get these year after year! 

Polly pocket– Do you remember when you were a little girl and the HOT toy was polly pockets? They have brought them back to life. So fun to play with and collect. Polly Pockets have their own worlds so small it can fit in your pockets! 

Grossery’s– These are the boy equivalent to Shopkins, except they are gross! Characters like rotten cheese, or boogies! My son loves these, and These have been in his stockings for a couple years. Gross and cool just like my little boy!  

Minecraft– Have you heard of Minecraft? The video game where my son will spend hours building and protecting his home base! He loves this game and they have come out with mini figurines! He will collect them and cherish them just like he does the game. 

Beard brush and comb– My husband has a nice beard, he takes care of his beard like we take care of our hair or skin! A great stocking stuffer for him is a beard brush and comb. It will make the grooming easier! This item is 10$ and my husband loves it! 

Metal wallet engraved card for husband– A lovely reminder to my husband what he means to me. Every time he opens his wallet, he can see my love note! It’s the size of a credit card and always meant to be carried in his wallet. 

Hair chalk– Little girls will squeal when they open their stockings and see different color chalk they can use to “paint” their hair. A fun, cute stocking stuffer. 

Alex spa nail pens– Just like the hair chalk my little girl loves nail polish. I have gotten her these before and it was a hit! Easy enough for my 5-year-old to use, and its an excitement you will love to see. 

Fidget spinners– Oh my gosh! When my son realized there was such a thing as a fidget spinner…FORGET ABOUT IT! These are he wanted and still loves to receive. If you aren’t aware fidget spinners are the new age equivalent to stress balls. They are meant to help wondering, young mines to focus. I have no proof that this works, though my son says he feels better when he uses one. 

Slime– This new craze has taken over the minds of our children! My kids have begged me to go out and purchase Elmer’s Glue to make their own slime. My son successfully made a chocolate slime, that smelled like you could eat it! Him and I personally decided to make it chocolate because we had never seen this done before. My daughter and him can sit and watch YouTube videos on slime and consider that fun! Stuffing their stockings with slime will guarantee hours of enjoyment, smiles and giggles. You can find the Chocolate Slime recipe here!

Burt’s n Bees Chapstick– For me, this is god send! I have never found a Chapstick that works like Burt’s n Bees. It lasts all day for after one apply, and never leaves my lips begging for more. When I have used other Chapstick’s, I have been left with chapped and begging for hydration lips! No matter how much I applied it never seemed to quench the thirst of my lips. When I was around 15 someone, I knew introduced me to this brand. If you or your loved ones have never tried this brand before and don’t carry on hand in your purse or car or have it on your computer desk you are missing out! I have never looked back and I am 31 now! It has a crisp, eucalyptus feeling. Give it a try for yourself! 

Recipe holder stand for phone– How many times have you been using your phone for a recipe, and struggle for a place to sit it where you can make sure you can see it perfectly? Leaning it up against the counter or a spoon! This makes it easy and holds it in place! A great gift or stocking stuffer for those in your life that use recipes on the regular. 

Chocolate! – The last one on my list and can be given to absolutely everyone, is chocolate! Sweets in a stocking is a guaranteed hug and kiss! My family loves chocolate and make sure that every year their stockings have a good amount to have and to share with one another. I usually will stuff with milk chocolate, the BEST chocolate in the whole world! 

**BONUS stocking stuffer gift for all hubbies across the globe: Beard Cape! This is absolutely genius. It is put on as a bib, then attaches to bathroom mirror. While shaving, beard trimming, or giving oneself a haircut, this catches the hair! NO MORE HAIR IN THE SINK!! I repeat, no more hair left in the sink!

I spent some time on this list and made sure that it was thoroughly thought about before making. I only placed things on this list that I have given and tested with my family. They are sure to be a hit! Do you have any stocking stuffer ideas? Please let me know. Comment below, a big thanks and Merry Christmas to you!

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