Bloom! Overcome your shyness

Putting yourself out there can be scary! Listen, I am the biggest chicken on the face of this earth! I am so shy, you could ask anyone that knows me well. I hate to be in the spotlight, unless I am among those, I love then I can act out and not fear being judged. Who wants others to judge them? Not I. The thought used to terrify me.

When I was taking public speaking, I had to get up in front of the kids how college class and read a speech I wrote. I cried. Literally, tears flowing everywhere while I was reading out loud in front of my whole college public speaking class. It was horrifying! I wanted to vomit and pass out at the same time! At the end of the speech though they clapped! Even though I was crying and a blubbering fool, they clapped and made my suffering a little less.

If there is one thing, I wish to share with y’all and hope it teaches someone who is just like me, it’s that being shy is okay! People and life are two scary things. I don’t think there is anyone on the face of the earth that wants to be stared at and possibly talked about. It’s an uncomfortable feeling. I just want to share with you how I at the age of 31 found the courage to share my life, stories and ideas with others.

Think to yourself that it will go well!

Being shy means always worrying about what others feel and think about you. Like I said above I know this first hand. Sometimes shyness can be debilitating, make you not want to be out and about and not want to be around people you may not know. You probably spend your time thinking about how NOT to do things, instead of just doing em! For me, at this stage in my life I just don’t give a hoot. I’ve spent so much of my life worrying and caring about what others think. I am just not with it anymore! It’s like a clothing issue.

When I was younger, I would refuse to buy a size that I felt was too big, because it was too big! There’s no way I’d put myself in that size. I would have rather been uncomfortable in a size that did not fit, than to wear a size that would fit and would have been 100 times more comfortable. It’s all in your mind! In one of my first posts I write about speaking things into existence. This is true! I want you to say to yourself, “Everything will be okay!” “Everything will go smoothly!” When you speak things into existence, amazing things will happen!

Do not be afraid to ask questions and get to know people!

Before blogging, you would never have caught me talking to anyone new. I just couldn’t do it! What would they say? What would they think? Now I find it so important to learn about other people. Ask questions folks! Essentially, put the spot light on others and sit back to listen. What do they like to do? What are their favorite foods? What do they do for a living? You’ll find that by doing this you will feel less anxious. Before you know it you’ll be having full blown interesting conversations with others. I have spoken to people I don’t know through Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest! Never in my life would I imagine that today I would be writing a post about overcoming shyness. I never would have guessed what I would learn through writing. It truly is amazing!

It’s okay to give yourself a reason!

If you give yourself a purpose, you will feel accomplished. It’s okay to tell yourself that you have a reason for what you are doing and to make sure others know what your purpose is. For instance, my purpose is to help others who feel just like me cope day to day! To give my ideas and share my thoughts on everything from being a mom, to tough topics about mental health.

My purpose for writing is to reach anyone that has ever felt hopeless and lost in life. I just want them to know I feel you, I know your pain. I have suffered in my mind for far too long and want to share a way out. If I can make someone smile, cry or even chuckle I’ve accomplished my goals. This is my purpose! Giving yourself a reason can help you to feel confident. It can make you realize you are more than your anxiety and shyness. Go ahead and try it! I’ve shared mines, what is yours?

Learn to stop being your worst critic!

Coming from experience, I am horrible at passing judgement on myself. I can sit and name every flaw I have. I can sit and regret decisions I’ve made and convince myself that I am a horrible person! Once I started to tell myself that I might actually be amazing, I noticed I was more comfortable around others. Why would they want to get to know me? I’m awesome! I’m funny, I’m kind and I LOVE to love! I have a bleeding heart and while others may think this is a weakness, I see it as a strength. I will find the good in every situation, in every person. Unless, they have proven to me that they have no good at all! I

like to think I have a great sense of people and my shyness has probably been the most beneficial reason for this! I’ve always just sat back and watched everyone around me. Now that I am breaking out of my shell, I use this wisdom to look into the souls of people around me. I promise you, remind yourself of how awesome you are! Soon, little by little all the negativity will start to evaporate. Self-confidence will begin to shine through and you will find that you truly are amazing!

If all else fails, smile and smile again!

Do you know how powerful a smile is? I have been in what felt like the worse days of my life, and a smile has changed my mood completely. You can help people with a smile. I kid you not! If you are shy and don’t even know where to begin, smile. People can be drawn to a smile, they feel comfortable and it can lead to them breaking the ice for you! Once someone approaches you, use all the tips I listed above. Think positive about the situation, ask questions and get to know them, you are amazing and why shouldn’t everyone see it? Stop judging yourself and give yourself a purpose!

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with me? I am always up for tips and tricks! Please share your thoughts with me, whether it be by commenting or sending an email. Until next time!

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  1. Love this list! And totally agree – overcoming being your worst critic can be the hardest thing. Breaking our shell is really the first step.

    1. I am so happy that you love the list I provided! It really is so hard not to automatically criticize yourself when you are programmed that way, taking these steps really have helped! thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

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