Emotional eating, let’s over come it!


If there is one thing I am 100% schooled on it is stress/emotional eating. I try and run from it, but like white in rice it’s stuck to me, I can’t get away from it. I know it isn’t good for me, it only makes me feel better for a short amount of time, and while I’m writing this I’ve already eaten two chocolate chip cookies! The crumbs are all over my pjs, and I’m ugly crying because I am so upset with myself for binge eating when I’m upset. Being upset and eating only makes you feel more upset, it’s true!

Raise your hands if at any time in your life you have packed on a little extra on your dinner plate, ate too much sweets, or mindlessly find yourself stuffing that bad food item into your mouth not even realizing it until after. Have you ever over ate, and while you’re over eating you know in your head that it is wrong? Yet you can’t stop? This is me! Full blown honesty here. That’s just me, I can’t be anything else but honest I really don’t know how!

It’s terribly embarrassing, I’m very ashamed of it but it’s me. I’ve always been
this way. Seeking out food to comfort a broken heart and mind. Then feeling worse then I did before eating, it is a never ending cycle. There have been a few times in my life where I’ve been really low and refused to eat, but for the most part I can’t stop eating! It is such a struggle.

Gosh, if only you knew how hard I combat the urges but it overtakes me and I fail every single time. For my wedding I lost 80lbs! That was strictly due to hard working out and dedication to eating right! I am telling you I drank nothing but water and Herbalife for 6 months straight, after that I slowly added other drinks into my system. I really credit Herbalife to helping me lose all that weight. It is such great product! Losing weight and getting fit is scary. It is scary because you know how hard it will be to change your relationship with food. After a while, working out and eating healthy became all the medicine I needed to feel better about life, and myself. This time around it has been harder for me, things are different.

I know what to do to lose the weight but it’s different this time. I honestly can’t seem to get myself out of this mindset. It’s so hard to do the right thing for my body and the simple answer to this is, eating is a temporary fix to a long term issue. Anyone that has the same issue as I do, there are some steps I have been taking to put this behind me. First off, I made the decision that I don’t want to continue to look the way I do, and feel the way I do about my body. Secondly, I have to recognize that ultimately I did this to myself. My circumstances led me down this path, and maybe I could have taken a different route however, I led myself down the path of destruction.

I recently purchased the 21 day meal plan, and I will keep you updated on how it goes, once I finally start it. The 21 day meal plan has been shown to eliminate water retention, increase energy, aide in weight loss and a mood enhancer to name just a few. There are no shakes, teas or anything like that. You just have to follow the list of foods that are provided! that’s it! exercise isn’t even required, but I will exercise as well as incorporate Herbalife shakes. I loved it when I used it almost three years ago to drop the weight and I know it will work for me again. Have you ever tried Herbalife? I have a link if you are at all interested, click here! 

Steps to be taken: Identify what makes you emotional eat
Boredom– this sounds silly but once you already eat when your stressed/emotional it’s very easy to eat just because you are bored. Eating occupies your time, something to do and it doesn’t hurt that it feels good!

Stress– do you know why when you’re stressed you seek out food? Simple answer to this is your body is producing cortisol. The human stress hormone, yes! High levels of stress produce this hormone and guess what it causes? It will cause cravings for sweet, salty and fried EVERYTHING!

Finding ways to deal: Actually Dealing with your problems is a good way to battle over eating. If you don’t find ways to heal yourself, your winning of the battle with food wont last long. When you are bored, do something your enjoy. What is it you love to do? Whether it be my top choices: pick up a book, write, go outside! Play with your kids! or something else, DO IT!

Occupying your mind when you feel bored is a good way to start heading in the right direction. If you’re depressed, talk to someone! I will reiterate this to the moon and back! It is that important not to keep it inside, things will feel so much better if you talk about it. Unzip, get it out! Don’t hold it in. Give your kids a hug, watch a comedy movie! That’s always a good way to feel better. Laughing cures it all!

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Food doesn’t have the power over you, in fact it’s the opposite. You are overwhelmed and feel useless due to your emotions so you eat. In other words its your emotions that have won, food is comfort. It is hard to do but accepting your emotions instead of trying to bury them in your gut works wonders. Say positive things to yourself. Don’t feel weird either! Once again, speak it into existence, it will work and you will get past this. I did it once before and I will do it again. Want to turn the table with me? Let’s do this! Please leave any tips you may have in the comments below! Did I forget to mention something? Let me know! Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. It’s so hard to get self-control when you eat out of anxiety! Thanks for sharing, it helps to see you’re not alone 😊

    1. It is a daily struggle, I am so happy to see others feel the same way! Thank you for commenting and taking the time to read!

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