Is Homework important?

As a mom with two kids in school, I know the importance of keeping them on track with school work. My son has the hardest time remembering to complete his work, and when I ask him, he will swear that he didn’t have any. It can get so frustrating! My six-year-old daughter on the other hand loves to do her homework. It would be amazing if the love doing homework attitude lasts!

Gosh, when I was a kid with homework, I hated it! Me, I completed it, but did not want to do it at all. Understanding, is a term that all parents know. You and I both understand why my son and your kids dread having to sit and complete it. I get why he moans and groans at the thought of it. Even though I sympathize with him, I make sure he understands that it is important for him to get it done.


There are some benefits to homework. It teaches my son how to work independently, it shows him how to take responsibility for essentially his “job”. That is right! I always remind him he has one job that is to attend school, behave and to learn. The tasks he has to complete for school are just the responsibilities of his school job.

The point of this short post is to share a couple checklists and homework writing pages I made for ya’ll! If you are interested in it, please feel free to use them and hopefully they come in handy for you and your children. Checklists give your children something to look at and make sure that they are getting their stuff completed. It is not only convenient its also fun for them! 

My son and daughter love to check things off and write lists. This is a tedious task for adults, unless you enjoy check listing and to do lists, but for kids they see it as a fun activity. Let them use special marker or pens to fill them out. Hang it up in their bedroom, or buy and keep your own at home notebook where the lists can be displayed.

Reward your child for filling out and completing their homework timely, for keeping track of their to do list for school. This will make the lists even more worth it, shamelessly, I love to reward my kids for things that are done correctly. Reward=Good behavior always!


For some reason with the new WordPress update, the links would not work and I cannot figure out how to make them work again! So all you have to do is right click on the  printable pictures below, save and print. Enjoy!






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