SURPRISE! A secret camping trip

We went camping ya’ll! If you remember I told you guys that for my daughters 6thbirthday we were taking her on a surprise camping trip. We did, and she loved it! This post is a breakdown of our complete weekend. Ready? Set, go!

Friday morning was complete and utter chaos! I woke up got the kids ready for school, fed and out the door by 820 am. It was so hard to keep from shrieking with excitement and letting on that in just four hours we would be on the road! After dropping them off at school, I returned home to clean up and get my 2 year old ready. My husband, daughter and I went to good ol’ Walmart. We had some things we needed to make sure we had for our trip. Steak, chicken, rib tips, sides, sleeping bags, chairs and a portable table. Eight items and we left with almost the whole store! Walmart has a way of doing this to people. I know I am not the only person who walks into that store with a list and leaves with one hundred more items than was necessary.

By the time we were finished shopping it was already 1020 am and I supposed to pick up the cake up from Target by 10. I know that the cake would still be there when I got there, but considering we set the time we wanted to leave by 1130 I started to get a little stressed! After bickering back and forth for a good hour while shopping in Walmart my husband and I decided that he would stay home and load the truck to be ready for when I came back with the cake. I rushed over to Target because I needed to get home and make sure everything was in order and it was already almost 11, we needed to hit the road! I successfully managed to pick up the cake and not let the Target temptation get to me! Target is my WEAKNESS. I am not just saying this, Target calls my name, that store get all of my money! So going in and out of Target and grabbing just the cake is a HUUUGGEE accomplishment. I give myself a gold medal for entering and dashing out of that place! And the crowd goes wild, AHHHHHH! YAAAYYYY! GOOOD JOOOOB! Excuse me, while I give myself a pat on the back!

I could not get home fast enough. You ever feel like when you are in a hurry every light stays red, traffic is heavy, and no short cuts work out right! Yup, that was my entire drive home. It usually only takes me about 20 minutes to get home but this drive felt like an eternity. I was so happy, and could not wait to see my daughters little face light up. After getting home I quickly packed up and finished up around the house. I put the baby in the truck, grabbed our dogs, sat in the car and we were off! Actually, we had to stop and get ice and put gas then we were really on the way.

As we drove up to the elementary school, truck loaded, dogs barking and music playing my husband and I were all smiles! I had to wait 20 minutes for the kids to finally get to the front office, it was horrible, the anticipation! I was hoping it would take 5 minutes and we could leave. Not a chance. My daughter got to us first and she was so curious, “Mommy! What are you doing here? Do I have to get a shot today?” I chuckled and gave her a huge hug! I assured her that no, there would be no shot today. Next through the door was my son, “Mommy! Don’t tell me that I have to go to the doctors!” Oh my goodness my kids must be traumatized of doctors offices! They both assumed they would be having to see one this day. I hugged him and rubbed his head, “nope!” I tell him. I grab both of their hands and walk them to the door.

“What the hey! What is daddy doing here, and what is all that stuff in the truck?” My son screams as he runs down the corridor to the truck. “Mommy, what is he doing here?” my little birthday girl squeals! I laugh and run with my daughter towards the truck. Once we are at the truck door, my kids notice that the dogs are also here. Oh goodness, now they just have to know what is going on! We are all buckled in and my husband starts to drive off. It was so great! All the giggling and curious questions. Then my daughter says, “We are going camping! Huh? I know we are!” Gosh darned it! I turn my head, any faster and it would have broken. I stare at my husband and he turns and looks at our daughter, then looks back at me and says “Welp, she already knows. Yes! We are going camping to a secret place!”

She was so happy, my heart was melting and I’m sure my husband felt the same way because he was beaming. He had a grin as big as the Chesire cat from Alice In Wonderland. The ride took a total of 3 hours and 45 minutes. I don’t know about you, but man! Being in a car or truck for that long makes you tired, even when all you do is sit there. I had to constantly make sure that my husband could stay awake, while trying to keep myself awake. We saw a lot of farm land, a lot of cows, horses, miles and miles of hay. Drives like these make me tired, but always gives me a sense of calm. I will have a house on at least three acres, and stables with horses one day. I adore horses. There is something you may not know about me! Finally we made it! We could not wait to stretch our legs and roam around. We pulled in and guess what? The cabin was surprisingly on a hand gliding field! It was so quiet when we got there, and the first thing my kid did? Ran to the tree in front of the cabin and climbed it. I snapped some pictures and began to help my husband unload the truck. I may have cracked open four land shark beers. Two for my husband and two for myself.

Oh yeah! It was absolutely freezing! Here in Florida 70 degrees can feel a bit cold, but it must have been in the high 50’s to low 60’s because it was teeth shattering! It was goose bumps, ice cold feet cold. I am not even over exaggerating! We are originally from Washington state, and if you know anything about that state you’d know that it is cold and rainy 95% of the year. Summer only lasts a few weeks beginning June to August and its never consistently sunny. I should be use to cold weather, but having lived in Florida the past 5 years I have become accustomed to sunshine and heat. My family moved to Florida first and I would laugh when she would say she was cold and it was 70 degrees out. I swear people back home are wearing shorts and flip flops as soon the sun peaks out of the gray skies! My mother in law is reading this part and probably laughing at the fact I am complaining about 70 degree weather. We visited Washington last year for Christmas and it was in the 40’s, in my mamma in laws house it was colder then it was outside! Can you believe they had the AC on?! How? Why? For what? Ha-ha.

I always lose track of my thoughts and ramble on! My husband and son started the fire pit while I unpacked inside the cabin. That first night we sat by the fire, and if you could only see how clear the sky was. The sky was a warm pinkish, purple. It was breath taking. It looked like something out of a movie, if I could bring that sky to my back yard I would. That first night after the kids were asleep, my husband and I sat on the porch with blankets and talked. We laughed, and made future plans. Even though we have been together 12 years we still share our dreams and make plans for what we want in the future. It was so enjoyable laughing at each others silly ideas, and agreeing on the ones we thought were great! That night we went to sleep so happy!

The next morning we were woken up by what sounded like a plane. It was too close to be flying above me so I got up and looked out of the window. It was an actual plane! They were taking off from right in front of the porch. All day long people were being taken up and unhinged and left to glide on their own. I even had a short conversation with one of the gliders and she could not wait to be taken up. This has now been added onto my bucket list. Do you know what we had for breakfast that second day? Birthday Cake! Wonder Woman Birthday Cake. The kids were over the moon about this! They have never had sweets so early in the morning. After birthday cake, my husband made an actual breakfast and we sat and ate. The rest of the day was spent outside playing, cooking and watching the plane and gliders take off and land. We did end up driving across the property so that my son and husband could shoot at targets with the .22 caliber rifle my husband saved for our boy. My son was ecstatic to be doing this, and they were both thrilled when our son who is 8 was a great shot!

We were only out there from Friday evening until Sunday morning, but at the end of the trip when I snapped and buckled my 6 year old into her car seat she looked at me said “I will remember this birthday mommy!” Hearing this made the getting ready, stressing and overload of stress all worth it. I knew once we got home it would be craziness to get everything unpacked and to get the kids calmed down but I smiled at her and said, “you will? I can’t wait to talk with you about this when you are older!” This is the reason my husband and I work so hard. Our kids mean everything to us. Their smiles and their happiness. Hearing how happy they are, watching them grow and doing it all while spending as much time as possible together. That is what family is all about. I shut the truck door, walked to the passenger side, sat down grabbed my husbands hand and stared forward. The drive home could not have been sweeter.

P.S. The kicker of it all? We are currently in the ER. Why? Our daughter has a rash on the right side of her face accompanied with a sore throat and cough. Verdict? Strep and poison oak! From camping!! The two are unrelated, but I never imagined that the rash was poison oak. Welcome to my world!

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