Want an easy hassle-free Thanksgiving Dinner? Read on to see how I ensure I am stress free!

Are you tired of being in the kitchen all day on Thanksgiving? It is tiring to get up at the crack of dawn to begin your thanksgiving dinner. Trust me I know! For far too long, this was me! The day of I’d be stressed out, pulling my hair and irritable to anyone that dare talk to me! I’m talking red eyed, wild haired and breathing smoke like a dragon. Okay, admittedly the wild hair is nothing new. It’s part of my weekly routine. Thanksgiving in my family will be the biggest and most serious meal we will share all year. Thanksgiving is so serious that one weekend every November will be dedicated to making our traditional dish Pasteles. What are those? Pasteles are made from a masa that consists of grated green banana, yautia and calabaza. It is then seasoned and stuffed with a meat filling and will be wrapped in banana leaves and boiled. This is to be the only dish I focus a lot of time on.

To make sure that Thanksgiving Day will not be a stressful mess, I follow 2 important steps.


Ladies and Gentlemen, meal prepping is the key! It is amazing how much work you take off yourself by prepping the dinner days before the main dinner. Prep and Freeze! Then only thing that will have to be cooked the morning of, should be the mash potatoes and turkey! Oh, and Ham, but you can prep your ham the night before wrapping it up and bake in the morning.


Make dishes that will take less time to prep and to cook. The dish doesn’t have to be time consuming to be tasty. Here is a list of delicious and easy dishes that take no time at all to make:

Green Bean Casserole

Candied Yams or Sweet Potatoes Casserole

Stuffing (cornbread or regular)

Mash Potatoes

Easy, Cheesy Green Bean Casserole can be made with canned green beans, cream of mushroom soup and a bit of cream of chicken soup for extra flavor. Cheese because cheese makes everything better! Cover in fried onion that can also be bought made for you and BAM! You are done! Place in proper storage container freeze and take out on Thanksgiving Day to bake.

Candied Yams or Sweet Potatoes Casserole is delicious and can be made just as simply. They sell canned candied yams in the grocery store. Grab some cream, I like to add cream into mines. It is delicious and makes it so smooth. Don’t forget to grab your bag of marshmallows! Smash up the yams, add some cream and milk add cinnamon and some brown sugar, place in storage container and refrigerate or freeze if you make a couple days before hand. On Thanksgiving Day add marshmallows on top and bake, VOILA!

Stuffing is also simple to make, its bought in bags already seasoned. The only thing I make sure to do is use chicken broth instead of water. I always make this the day of, takes about 10 minutes. If I add the turkey innards, it will take about 20 minutes due to the chopping and cooking of the innards before placing it in the stuffing. SNAP!

My mashed potatoes are delicious and smooth! The most time this will take is the boiling of the potatoes. I make Mashed Potatoes every year for Thanksgiving. Honestly, this is my favorite dish to make and EAT!

By following these tips every year I have decreased my stress and worry over getting things done in a timely manner. My family enjoys being around me. Also, my husband helps me with the meal prep. Its a fun experience! Thanksgiving should be a time of happiness and full of being thankful of everyone and everything you have in your life! Do you have any easy dishes that I did not list? Please comment and share with me, I am always up for trying new things.Thank you for reading ya’ll, Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I crockpot alot. I use the Crock-Pot for my ham and prep it the night before and then I use a roaster for my turkey and do that the night before so all I have to do is take them out of the fridge the next day and plug them in

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